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With Seven Soldiers nearly at an end, I thought I'd start a reread. Don't know how far I'll get, but I plan to plough through as much as I can. While doing it, I'm going to note down my thoughts and post them here. AFTER reading each issue and posting notes, I'll then check the Barbelith Wiki, see if anything hasn't been noted there, and bring it up on Barbelith itself. Just seems like an interesting way of going forward and making some use of this thing...

On we go with Seven Soldiers #0
Slaughter Swamp - this is where Cyrus Gold, AKA Solomon Grundy, died. True Thomas - this is the 'real' Thomas Dalt, rather than the one remade by the Seven Unknown Men.
First appearance of the Sheeda in 7S
"You've got a bit more depth to you, eh? Two sides, at least" - Poss. related to the metafictional element? There seem to be several moments where the characters realise or almost realise they're in comics. Related to Morrison's idea of making the DCU more 'sentient'? He has two sides, hence two dimensions, as opposed to the three dimensions of the real world. Also a reference to I, Spider's dual hero/villain nature? Also, given the 60s Marvel feel of much of 7S, could this refer to the longstanding joke within the comics industry that Lee & Kirby's big leap was to go from one- to two-dimensional characters?
"Old gold place" - while referring to Cyrus Gold, the colours red and gold turn up a *lot*...
The seven rooms labelled with Roman numerals are reminiscent of the doors in the camp in V For Vendetta (room 5). Given the huge number of Alan Moore references dotted throughout, is this the first?
Seven Unknown Men appear to represent writers/editors?
Nice nod to Kirby with the Kirby dots on the pogo sticks
Black Piss beer is a new brand on me ;)
"A veteran, some newcomers, a tough guy" - sounds like a description of the eventual team.
The giant spider surviving for decades before coming back - little reminiscent of IT by Stephen King?
"Blood red whiskey" - *LOTS* of blood in this issue
"molted to a more adult form" - the first of the references that recur throughout the series to growing up, becoming 'adult', changing into a different form.
Items in 7 Unknown Men's boxes - Frankenstein's gun, Justin's tunic, Guardian's helmet, magic device resumably belonging to Zatanna.
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Gun Fu

Anyone have any opinions on this? Dave Sim's apparently a guest writer on an issue coming out in March, and did a pinup for the last one, so I'm thinking of adding it to my pull list. Anyone read it? What do you think?
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From Wizard:

The new creative team on the new Blue Beetle will be co-written by Keith Giffen & John Rogers with art by Cully Hamner. (OK, although I don't know Rogers' work)

Batman/Detective Comics will kick off with an 8-issue story arc written by James Robinson, with art by Don Kramer and Andy Clarke. (Good, but what about the Morrison on Detective thing?)

Ivan Reis will take over pencilling duties on the Green Lantern on-going, which will - in a move that surprises no one - still feature Hal Jordan. (and still be written by Geoff s0dding Johns :-/)

Superman and Action Comics will be co-written by Geoff Johns (GAH!) and Kurt Busiek, with art by Pete Woods .

Greg Rucka is taking over Supergirl. (NO!)

The OMAC Project will segue into an ongoing series called "Checkmate," written by Greg Rucka with art by Jesus Saiz. (AARGH!)

Kyle Rayner will star in "Ion," a new on-going by Ron Marz, the man who created Kyle, with art by Greg Tocchini. (Don't care)

Bill Willingham will write AND draw a new Shadowpact on-going. (should be fun)

Dave Gibbons will write and draw the initial issues of Green Lantern Corps, with Patrick Gleason taking over pencilling duties as of issue #7. (At least Johns isn't writing it any more, not that Gibbons is much of a writer).

So it looks like the grimungritty brigade have taken over, and we can expect another few years of padded, exposition heavy, dull rehashes of Silver Age ideas but with violence and rape to make it 'relevant', followed by DC Comics folding as one by one the ageing fanboys either die or lose their virginity...

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How interesting... the Day Of Vengeance Infinite Crisis Special has a scene in which the Phantom Stranger goes into a shop owned and run by a blind female magic user. Also present are Zatanna and a trainee who's being taught magic to compensate for disabilities.
Now where have we seen that before?
It's not, as it looked at first glance, taking place between Zatanna 2 and 3 - the blind woman is Madam Xanadu, and this is on the East rather than West coast, but I wonder if this is hinting at a connection between the two stories, or if there was originally *meant* to be a connection...
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